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The Anaeko Data Agility Server (A-DAS)

The Anaeko Data Agility Server (A-DAS) is a real-time data integration platform that provides unified data access to distributed heterogeneous databases and data stores. The dynamic data abstraction layer simplifies access to consolidated subscriber and service data sourced from common telecoms and back office data stores. This unique framework reduces the cost and complexity of integrating data within an SDP framework and enables convergent services such as personalization, profiling and targeted mobile advertising.

The Anaeko Data Agility Server (A-DAS)

Key A-DAS Features:

  • Real-time Data Federation - to optimize queries across static and dynamic data stores, consolidate structured and unstructured data and manage virtual views onto the dynamic data model.
  • Consolidate Any Data Source - out-of-the box adapters for common sources including relational databases, web services, presence servers, location servers, device capabilities. Extensible libraries for easy integration of legacy and future systems
  • Developer Friendly Interfaces - leveraging open standard HTTP based universal cross-platform access, Graphical Developer Tool & Client SDK, and supporting multiple output data formats
  • Extensible Data Transformation & Cleansing - includes custom data formatting capabilities and a scriptable transformation engine to cleanse, match and merge data
  • Flexible Metadata Management - inbuilt support for dynamic metadata discovery and the ability to annotate and search the extensible metadata model
  • Highly Scalable Resource Oriented Architecture - a natural complement to SOA architectures, the self-describing resources promote automation and support standard IP-based security & loadbalancing
  • Standards Based Remote Service Management - the easy-to-use GUI and JMX-compliant management agent enable remote service and metadata management

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